With aging adults living longer and in higher numbers than ever seen before, and with fewer children to support them, many seniors and their loved ones are left struggling to develop a comprehensive long term care plan. Luckily, the trends in long term care are shifting and more and more aging adults are choosing to “age in place” or to stay in their own homes rather than move to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Given the many published reports finding that the overwhelming majority of adults would prefer to age in their homes if given the choice, this is wonderful news. Still, with over 70 million unpaid family caregivers, the vast majority of whom are under tremendous stress to balance their caregiving duties with other life obligations, providing the care that is needed when seniors develop conditions such as frailty and memory loss that can make living at home challenging.
In-home care comes in a variety of forms and understanding all the available options can seem daunting.  What Is Home Care is a brief and  highly informative guide designed to answer all of your questions about what home care is and the role that it can play in the lives of aging adults hoping to age at home; the guide was developed in response to the many common concerns and questions individuals have posed to us throughout the years about in-home care as a long term care solution.
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